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Why a customer story’s better than a PowerPoint any day

Here’s an article that encapsulates our fundamental philosophy, and adds some science and psych to back it up. It explains how storytelling can convey complex concepts at a deeper level. Telling a customer story or a use case study can be far more powerful than a long presentation,



You can’t have SEO without content (and that means copywriting)

Last night, at a business event, I learned about a local contractor with a very unique product – one that interested me as a homeowner and as a “handy-guy”. So I visited his website today. It offered some information on his product and service, and I noted that



Six ways to turn your customers into marketing consultants

Your best marketing consultants are closer than you think, and they probably won’t charge you a penny. Your clients and customers can give you insight, advice and actual one-on-one marketing you couldn’t get anywhere else – at any price. Here are just a few ways to make your



Articles vs advertising

To promote his home center, Steve Lundon went beyond traditional advertising. Instead, the owner of Northern Do-it Center in Fort Frances, Ontario published weekly how-to and DIY articles in the Fort Frances Times newspaper. “The tips are a great marketing tool,” said Steve. “Customers tell me they love



Four press release tips to get your business story promoted

A press release that’s truly newsworthy or tells a story worth reading is still a powerful method of getting your business story in online publications, print publications and broadcast media. Use these three tips to get your story to the top. 1. Make it easy on the editor


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