Are you getting enough inbound leads?
Are you getting enough inbound leads?
Increase traffic from your ideal customers - turn visitors into buyers

The secret to selling more of what you offer is closer than you might think. Your sound understanding of your industry, your customers, and the products and services you offer is a vast resource. With a little ingenuity, you can turn it into powerful website and print marketing.

Eight ways information-based content marketing will increase response to your website and other marketing materials

Solid information presented with an understanding of what information is important to your audience is the foundation for generating sales.

  1. Real information provides the details buyers need to be convinced.
  2. It provides the facts they need to justify their choice and make their own case for the purchase (important if you’re marketing to a business audience).
  3. It helps build relationships. Your company’s story and your reasons for doing what you do makes your business real to them.
  4. It provides value-added services that can forge stronger ties between you and your customers. How-to and other information related to your product or service makes you their partner.
  5. It builds loyalty and commitment. Sharing information with employees demonstrates trust and gives them a greater stake in your success.
  6. It generates free publicity. Real news and interesting stories push your story to the top of an editor’s pile.
  7. It paints a real picture of your product or service and what it will do for your customers.
  8. Finally, solid, honest, carefully tailored information is your most direct route to top search engine ranking.

So why do so few marketing materials take advantage of these proven benefits?

It takes work. To dig for the facts, to examine a product or service closely in order to understand its strengths and weaknesses, to find the stories hiding in your business — that’s a lot tougher than reaching for the thesaurus.

But it’s what we love to do. And we can help you starting today.

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Bill Kapner, CEO (Founding), | Bethesda, Maryland
In good part through Vic Michener’s marketing and copywriting efforts, we have grown bigdough from a tiny company to the leading firm in the capital markets database and software industry — a very profitable company, with more than 100 employees around the world.
Tara Byrne, President, Consumer Centre, Inc. | Toronto, Ontario
I live and die by how many generated sales leads there are, and Vic has been a tremendous asset in getting more focused leads through his marketing efforts. He resurrected depressed response rates for our firm with a unique advertorial direct marketing package. Later, his ‘telegram’ DM letter brought even better results.
Tim Weichel, Personal Financial Consultant | Collingwood, Ontario
I vetted several marketing agencies when I moved my business from the GTA to Collingwood, and most of them were really just interested in telling me what they had to offer – assuming that they knew what my business was. Vic and his company were the only ones that spent the first 2 or 3 hours just asking questions to try to truly understand my business.
Todd Robinson, Todd Robinson Construction Ltd. | Meaford, Ontario
I came to Vic Michener to rescue me from a website designer who’d left town with my website not nearly to the level promised. I’m much happier with the website design and website content Vic presented – which included all the copywriting and a logo design I’m very happy with. Vic took the time to learn what I wanted to achieve with my website. It was clear that he wasn’t going to be happy until I was happy.
Austin Wells, Chief Marketing Officer, RainKing | Bethesda, Maryland
This is outstanding… a great story. Thank you! I’m getting tons of mileage out of the quantitative case studies. I’m very happy with the work you’ve been doing – understanding our business and our goals, engaging with clients, and infusing the cases with meaty content and strong writing.
Angela Forder, Director of Marketing and E-Commerce, Canadian Pet Connection | Meaford, Ontario
We have been working with Vic to redesign and streamline our e-commerce site for the last several weeks. His attention to detail and timeliness has made what is typically a daunting task actually quite enjoyable. This is the first redesign (and we’ve been through several over the years) that wasn’t stress-inducing! In fact, I was […]
Jennifer Hillberg, Owner, Mountain Mat | Seattle, WA
Talented and responsive website designer.
Marie-Catherine Marsot, Chief Executive Officer, The Frauxmagerie Ltd. | Meaford, ON
I worked with Vic to totally redesign our website. He was amazing and will continue to use his services.
Marissa McTasney, Owner, CEO, Moxie Trades | London, Ontario
Vic has worked on several of my websites for over five years. Websites include our Canadian and US Moxie Trades websites in French and English. Vic also created our online directories; Tradeswomen Directory and Moxie Marketplace. Vic is always available for small and large projects. When there is an IT crisis, he is always there […]
Tracy Marsh, Owner, House 'n Order | Meaford | Grey, Bruce, Simcoe Counties
I had not had a phone call or email inquiry about business for 6-7 weeks... then, I had 6 or 7 inquiries in the span of the last week alone. I've wondered why this is. Then it occurred to me - it's your SEO.
Michael Merrifield, DJ/Owner, Dynamic Entertainment | Chesley/Owen Sound, Ontario
I came to Vic beyond frustrated after working with another website designer who couldn’t communicate, or even bother to understand my needs. I can’t begin to thank him enough, for all that he has done for my business. Within a few weeks of the relaunched website, Vic took my business to Number One in Google’s search engine for "Owen Sound DJ".
Bill Monahan, Homebuttons | Meaford, Onario
Vic took my dense prose and made it accessible. Those in my area looking for services like mine find me on Google and end up spending several minutes and browsing several pages and then actually calling me. That never happened before. Since I’ve had this site, I have stepped up marketing contacts with potential clients knowing that if they take the time to visit my website they will be mightily impressed. I can’t say enough to recommend My Favorite Marketer.
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