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The secret to selling more of what you offer is closer than you might think. Your sound understanding of your industry, your customers and the products and services you offer is a vast resource. With a little ingenuity, you can turn it into powerful marketing.

Eight ways information-based marketing will increase your response

Solid information presented with an understanding of what information is important to your audience is the foundation for generating response.

  1. Solid information provides the details buyers need to be convinced.
  2. It provides the facts they need to justify their choice and present their own case for the purchase (a major consideration if you're marketing to a business audience).
  3. It helps build relationships. Telling a story about your company and your reasons for being in the business you're in makes you real to them.
  4. It provides value-added services that can forge stronger ties between you and your customers. Providing how-to and other information related to the product or service establishes you as a helpful partner.
  5. It builds loyalty and commitment. By sharing information with employees, you demonstrate trust and give them a greater stake in your success.
  6. It generates free publicity. Real news and interesting explanations will do 10 times a much as empty fluff to push your story to the top of an editor's pile.
  7. It paints a real picture of the product or service, its use, and what it will do for the reader.
  8. Finally, solid, honest, carefully tailored information is your most direct route to top search engine ranking.

So why do so few marketing materials take advantage of these proven benefits.

It takes work. To dig for the facts; to examine a product or service closely in order to understand its strengths and weaknesses; to find the stories hiding in what seems everyday to people in the business — that's a lot tougher than reaching for the thesaurus.

But it's what we love to do. And we can help you starting today.

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