Tim Weichel, Personal Financial Consultant, Collingwood, Ontario
Tim Weichel, Personal Financial Consultant | Collingwood, Ontario

I vetted several marketing agencies when I moved my business from the GTA to Collingwood, and most of them were really just interested in telling me what they had to offer – assuming that they knew what my business was. Vic and his company were the only ones that spent the first 2 or 3 hours just asking questions to try to truly understand my business.

The next step Vic took was to provide feedback to me on what he had learned, in order to make sure he understood. Vic was able to take the understanding he gained from the questioning and feedback to help me define my unique value proposition and my market niche. This led to the a sound marketing strategy and the creation of a website that was truly reflective of my business. The web site Vic created acts as a trust and credibility builder, as well as a way to generate client leads.

As we continued to develop the offering and the site, Vic was always available in a timely manner to help with the development of special offers and white papers that led to more web site visits.

Another important part of what MyFavouriteMarketer provided was training to me so that I could more or less maintain and change the web site on my own, as I added blogs, and as my business shifted in response to consumer tastes and preferences.

Mostly now, I maintain the web site on my own but continue the relationship with Vic through the web hosting he is providing. I have no issue picking up the phone to speak with Vic about any issue that I may need advice on, or any technical matter that may need attending to. Vic has a friendly, helpful manner, is low-key and does not put pressure on to make a quick decision. His pricing is reasonable, he is always available in a timely manner, and he truly has the best interests of his clients at heart.

Todd Robinson, Todd Robinson Construction Ltd., Meaford, Ontario
Todd Robinson, Todd Robinson Construction Ltd. | Meaford, Ontario

I came to Vic Michener to rescue me from a website designer who’d left town with my website not nearly to the level promised. I’m much happier with the website design and website content Vic presented – which included all the copywriting and a logo design I’m very happy with.

I like the attention to detail Vic gave to everything. Unlike the previous website designer, Vic took the time to learn what I wanted to achieve with my website, and it’s clear he understands it. The time and effort he put into it really stands out to me. It was clear that he wasn’t going to be happy until I was happy, and that goes a long way when you’re doing something as important as your website.

Within a couple of days of launching, my website was already ranking well for some of our identified search terms, and Vic has suggested ways to increase that even more.

Angela Forder, Canadian Pet Connection, Meaford, Ontario
Angela Forder, Director of Marketing and E-Commerce, Canadian Pet Connection | Meaford, Ontario

We have been working with Vic to redesign and streamline our e-commerce site for the last several weeks. His attention to detail and timeliness has made what is typically a daunting task actually quite enjoyable. This is the first redesign (and we’ve been through several over the years) that wasn’t stress-inducing! In fact, I was immediately confident that he would cover every detail, and have been able to focus more energy towards other aspects of the business. We’re looking forward to working further with Vic on future projects.

Jennifer Hillberg, Mountain Mat, Seattle, WA
Jennifer Hillberg, Owner, Mountain Mat | Seattle, WA

Talented and responsive website designer. I hired Vic to help fix some major issues with our website and he has been so helpful that we’ve continued the working relationship long-term – I am able to ask him any questions that I have and he immediately responds. I don’t hesitate to bring questions or issues to Vic because I know that he is so knowledgeable and is also willing to teach ME how to do stuff on the backend of my website — this saves me money in the long run since I’m learning how to make minor tweaks to my own site. I feel that Vic’s prices are quite reasonable and you get a good value.

Marie-Catherine Marsot, The Frauxmagerie Ltd., Meaford, ON
Marie-Catherine Marsot, Chief Executive Officer, The Frauxmagerie Ltd. | Meaford, ON

I worked with Vic to totally redesign our website. He was amazing and will continue to use his services. He was also very prompt in answering any questions or request. Vic prices were also so affordable compare to other company that gave us quotes. Thank you Vic!

Marissa McTasney, Moxie Trades, London, Ontario
Marissa McTasney, Owner, CEO, Moxie Trades | London, Ontario

Vic has worked on several of my websites for over five years. Websites include our Canadian and US Moxie Trades websites in French and English. Vic also created our online directories; Tradeswomen Directory and Moxie Marketplace. Vic is always available for small and large projects. When there is an IT crisis, he is always there with an action plan and executes in a timely manner. I have enjoyed working with Vic and look forward to continue to build our online empires together.

Tracy Marsh, House 'n Order, Meaford | Grey, Bruce, Simcoe Counties
Tracy Marsh, Owner, House 'n Order | Meaford | Grey, Bruce, Simcoe Counties

Vic, two weeks ago I moaned that I had not had a phone call or email inquiry about business for 6-7 weeks. Then, the universe said “hold on” and I’ve had 6 or 7 inquiries in the span of the last week alone. I’ve wondered why this is. Was it the Dragons? Nope, the reach hasn’t been broad enough for that to happen. Then it occurred to me – it’s your SEO. That’s the deal breaker in all of this. So a big hearty thank you. https://housenorder.ca/

Bill Monahan, Homebuttons, Meaford, Onario
Bill Monahan, Homebuttons | Meaford, Onario

I asked Vic Michener to design my website because the samples I’d seen of his work were all eye-catching and effective.

I’d been operating for four years with a do-it-yourself website that I could alter whenever I wanted. That worked for me for a while because I was trying to define how to market my unique services and I could try different things. But I ended up with a dense and technical website that wouldn’t appeal much to anyone, and I knew I needed a professional makeover.

Working with Vic was a treat because he understood my predicament; I wanted a site that would welcome people and guide them to the services they needed in a way that communicated plainly.

Vic took my dense prose and made it accessible. He gave me a banner with products displayed, random rotation of the testimonials I’ve collected, and a blog, so that I can carry on adding my own dense prose, for those who like such things.

SEO improves: When the site was published, I monitored its traffic carefully with Google Analytics (which Vic set up for me). It’s been a few months now and I can see that the site is working as it is meant to. My only interest is in the local regional market (Port Elgin to the Bruce Peninsula to Wasaga Beach – including Southampton, Owen Sound, Wiarton, Meaford, Markdale, Flesherton, Thornbury, Collingwood) and the site is designed to specifically emphasize the areas I serve, so foreign visitors who find me immediately bounce away. But those in my area, who are looking for services like these, find me on Google and end up spending several minutes and browsing several pages and then actually calling me. That never happened before.

Since I’ve had this site, I have stepped up marketing contacts with potential clients knowing that if they take the time to visit my website they will be mightily impressed. I can’t say enough to recommend My Favorite Marketer.

Mike Merrifield, Dynamic Entertainment, Chesley/Owen Sound, Ontario
Michael Merrifield, DJ/Owner, Dynamic Entertainment | Chesley/Owen Sound, Ontario

I came to Vic beyond frustrated after working with another website designer who couldn’t communicate, or even bother to understand my needs. This was an Owen Sound website company that largely monopolizes the area, in fact!

Given my previous experience with the “other” guy, and with a semi-completed website that really didn’t function well and wasn’t a positive reflection of my business and what it represents, I was skeptical and cautious.

After several physical meetings and telephone conversations with the “other” guy, I was never able to accomplish what I was able to with Vic in a couple of telephone conversations and emails. I had a telephone meeting with Vic, in which we discussed my vision for the website and my business. He took the time to understand my business’ needs, and how to make the site go to work for me. He put together a proposal for my review and executed it flawlessly, giving me a fully functional website that I’m able to update and maintain myself with ease. He redesigned sections of the site, added automatic functions, and wrote friendly descriptions of my business and my service. Vic created something that I could have only imagined!

SEO – “Number One in Google”: I can’t begin to thank Vic Michener, of myFavoriteMarketer.com, enough, for all that he has done for my business. Within a few weeks of the relaunched website, Vic took my business to Number One in Google’s search engine for “Owen Sound DJ”.

Thanks Vic!

Christopher Thomas, Meaford International Film Festival, Meaford, Ontario
Christopher Thomas, Artistic Director, Meaford International Film Festival | Meaford, Ontario

I’m very excited about this new site. Not only does it provide a vibrant source of information, but it captures the vitality and vast scope that is MIFF. I’ve always said that while the films are the corner stone, MIFF is truly a festival and this website reflects that.

Working with you and exchanging those many late night emails was a stimulating experience. I appreciate how willing and able you were to constantly adapt and incorporate the dozens of additions and changes that kept cropping up. The experience and the product surpassed all my expectations. Thank you.

Eric Zondervan, Parliament Building Supplies, Toronto, Ontario
Eric Zondervan, President, Parliament Building Supplies | Toronto, Ontario

Got a call from Elena Opasini from Centre Magazine. She had some experts rate our website against several others in the industry and they rated it way at the top.

Bill Brown, BlueView Chalets, Thornbury, Ontario
Bill Brown, Architect/Project Coordinator, BlueView Chalets | Thornbury, Ontario

Thanks for the great job. You were right on the money with the marketing plan you set up for BlueView Chalets. We were thrilled with the service and loved the brochure, website and billboard.

Dan Field, Danfield Antique Furnishings and Fine Art, Clarksburg, Blue Mountains, Ontario
Dan Field, Danfield Antique Furnishings and Fine Art | Clarksburg, Blue Mountains, Ontario

We sell very rare and fine quality antiques and we needed to tell the world about it. An effective website is essential in this regard, but having an effective and attractive website had proved to be a great challenge for us. We had purchased and tried different software packages. We hired two different firms, and we attempted to use templates by subscription. Much money was spent as well as time and frustration.

What we needed was someone who could teach us the essentials of a website package so that we could then add to that site as we needed. Furthermore we needed someone who could work out the bugs as they inevitably would arise.

Through Christopher Thomas at the Meaford Film Festival we learned about Vic. Vic custom designed our site. He shepherded us through the learning stage with great patience, and then was there for us as we would try new things.

As a result we now have a website that we look forward to working on and people tell us what an attractive site it is.

Every business needs a website today but woefully few are capable of teaching their clients how to set one up. We have a person right here in The Blue Mountains and Collingwood area who is capable of guiding us through the process with humour and kindness and does so at an affordable fee: something else that is necessary for small business.

Joanne Jolley, Jolley's Farm Toys and Diecast, Meaford, Ontario
Joanne Jolley, Owner, Jolley's Farm Toys and Diecast | Meaford, Ontario

Operating an e-commerce store was a huge learning curve for us, and we are so grateful for the many hours that Vic spent patiently answering our questions (in language we could understand) and guiding us along until we could stand on our own.

He designed an uncomplicated, easy-to-navigate website that our customers rave about. Our e-store lists approximately 2,500 items and could have been a daunting task as well as a very time consuming one to update items individually, however, thanks to Vic’s ingenuity, we can update the entire catalogue whenever needed, only taking about five minutes – incredibly time saving.

Having a well designed e-commerce website is allowing us to reach beyond the walls of our store to increase sales. We know we made the ‘right’ decision to launch a website and we know we went to the ‘right’ person to bring this decision to reality.

For personal, friendly and expert service we, recommend that you contact Vic Michener of myFavoriteMarketer — you’ll be glad you did.

Sue Firkser, Sue Firkser Designs, Dundas, Ontario
Sue Firkser, Sue Firkser Designs | Dundas, Ontario

I wanted to let you know that I just got an amazing contract with a museum, solely through the strength of my website. They commented about it a few times, so thanks for being so good at what you do!

My e-commerce website looks great and works hard for me.

Janine and Bryon Doucette, Solitudes Spa & Tanning Studio, Meaford, Ontario
Janine and Bryon Doucette, Solitudes Spa & Tanning Studio | Meaford, Ontario

We’ve had so many awesome compliments on our website. Tons. Everybody that has ever visited it loves it. And we’ve been busy with bookings that have come from people who’ve seen the website. We know they’ve come because of the website because they use phrases that only appear there – and they tell us how much they love the site.

We also love that we can easily update our own products, packages and services.

We’ve had dozens of providers come in saying that can take it over; but we say that we only deal with you.

Kevin Almond, Ferguson Funeral Home, Meaford, Ontario
Kevin Almond, Managing Funeral Director, Ferguson Funeral Home | Meaford, Ontario

Vic was most obliging to ensure that we were able to remain online and current while we navigated a wholesale change to our existing website and all the while delivering everything we required and providing very positive suggestions to improve our existing site. A most pleasant experience at a very reasonable cost. Accolades for the new website are frequent.

Sean Gardhouse, Gardhouse Financial, Meaford
Sean Gardhouse, Income Tax and Financial Advisor, Gardhouse Financial | Meaford

Our business needed a website and Vic did more than just build a generic site. He got to know our business and our staff and created content customized for us. He has been an excellent resource for marketing and website maintenance ever since.

Lesley Telfser, Rocklyn Inn Bed and Breakfast, Rocklyn, Ontario
Lesley Telsfer, Owner, Rocklyn Inn Bed and Breakfast | Rocklyn, Ontario

Just started working with Vic on our website… he is prompt with any changes I wanted to make and has listened to my wants and needs. He is knowledgeable and makes suggestions for the future. Very happy with his service! Highly recommend!

David Hughes, Riverside Developments | Collingwood, Ontario

Vic and Jocelyn took time to tour our development site and find out everything they could about the project. Because of this, they were able to understand our market and the purpose of our website. I love the site. It is simple, and yet says everything I was hoping for.

Mark Higginson, Natural Stonescapes, Inc., Meaford, Ontario
Mark Higginson, Owner, Natural Stonescapes, Inc. | Meaford, Ontario

While my website is doing “what it’s supposed to do” – it looks good, has lots of information and is easy to navigate – I’m still very impressed by the actual results.

SEO: Vic built my site so that we would rank highly for a number of relevant searches, and within a few days of going live, naturalstonescapes.ca was on page one of Google for most of these. Less than a week after launching I got a waterfall landscaping project in Collingwood, which stemmed from someone searching for local landscapers with this specific expertise, finding our site, and seeing our work. Within a month, we’d secured a full pool landscaping job in Thornbury from someone who first visited our website. Another lead arrived this morning… they even filled out our project form.

With the website showcasing our work, even my business cards work harder now. We’re doing an indoor concrete pool – a large contract – thanks to a Grey-Bruce homeowner seeing my card and visiting my site. The site is still less than two months old!

The tone of the website, which comes across in the feature articles Vic wrote and the design and our photos, means that the calls we’re getting are from the right clientele – people with fine homes looking for large, quality landscaping projects.