Bill Kapner,, Bethesda, Maryland
Bill Kapner, CEO (Founding), | Bethesda, Maryland

In good part through Vic Michener’s marketing and copywriting efforts, we have grown bigdough from a tiny company to the leading firm in the capital markets database and software industry — a very profitable company, with more than 100 employees around the world.

Tara Byrne, Consumer Centre, Inc., Toronto, Ontario
Tara Byrne, President, Consumer Centre, Inc. | Toronto, Ontario

I live and die by how many generated sales leads there are, and Vic has been a tremendous asset in getting more focused leads through his marketing efforts. He resurrected depressed response rates for our firm with a unique advertorial direct marketing package. Later, his ‘telegram’ DM letter brought even better results.

Austin Wells, RainKing, Bethesda, Maryland
Austin Wells, Chief Marketing Officer, RainKing | Bethesda, Maryland

This is outstanding… a great story. Thank you! I’m getting tons of mileage out of the quantitative case studies. I’m very happy with the work you’ve been doing – understanding our business and our goals, engaging with clients, and infusing the cases with meaty content and strong writing.

Bill Monahan, Homebuttons, Meaford, Onario
Bill Monahan, Homebuttons | Meaford, Onario

I asked Vic Michener to design my website because the samples I’d seen of his work were all eye-catching and effective.

I’d been operating for four years with a do-it-yourself website that I could alter whenever I wanted. That worked for me for a while because I was trying to define how to market my unique services and I could try different things. But I ended up with a dense and technical website that wouldn’t appeal much to anyone, and I knew I needed a professional makeover.

Working with Vic was a treat because he understood my predicament; I wanted a site that would welcome people and guide them to the services they needed in a way that communicated plainly.

Vic took my dense prose and made it accessible. He gave me a banner with products displayed, random rotation of the testimonials I’ve collected, and a blog, so that I can carry on adding my own dense prose, for those who like such things.

SEO improves: When the site was published, I monitored its traffic carefully with Google Analytics (which Vic set up for me). It’s been a few months now and I can see that the site is working as it is meant to. My only interest is in the local regional market (Port Elgin to the Bruce Peninsula to Wasaga Beach – including Southampton, Owen Sound, Wiarton, Meaford, Markdale, Flesherton, Thornbury, Collingwood) and the site is designed to specifically emphasize the areas I serve, so foreign visitors who find me immediately bounce away. But those in my area, who are looking for services like these, find me on Google and end up spending several minutes and browsing several pages and then actually calling me. That never happened before.

Since I’ve had this site, I have stepped up marketing contacts with potential clients knowing that if they take the time to visit my website they will be mightily impressed. I can’t say enough to recommend My Favorite Marketer.

Leo Cook, Yelovich & Cook Advertising, Toronto, Ontario
Leo Cook, President, Yelovich & Cook Advertising | Toronto, Ontario

As for your copy, it was right on the money. It is rare to find a new writer who, with only one briefing, can both hone in on the issue and express it so clearly.

Gord Price, The Dam Pub, Thornbury, Ontario
Gord Price, The Dam Pub | Thornbury, Ontario

You’ve been instrumental in communicating to people what the Dam Pub is all about – writing articles, website content, and a regular newsletter. You say what I want to say, and free up my time to run my business. You work closely with my webmaster to create an interesting, fun and well-written website that customers love to visit. You’re easy to work with, you listen to me, and you care about my customers.

Barb Yates, Credit Union Central of Canada, Toronto, Ontario
Barb Yates, Product Manager Retail Service Development, Credit Union Central of Canada | Toronto, Ontario

You exceeded our expectations in your writing capabilities and in your final delivery… You very carefully geared your work to the appropriate audience and selected a professional yet easy-to-understand tone.

Dave Smith, Trailwoods - Northridge Homes at Cobble Beach, Thornbury, Ontario
Dave Smith, Trailwoods - Northridge Homes at Cobble Beach | Thornbury, Ontario

Fabulous… just fabulous. If the rest of the stuff is going to be like this, then that is exactly what we’re looking for. It looks so good. I’m very impressed, and so is my partner.

Ray Shaw, AB Lumber, Pembroke, New Hampshire
Ray Shaw, Marketing Manager, AB Lumber | Pembroke, New Hampshire

Your website content has been a big help to our website. Your DIY tips provide customers with more to look at and interest them on the website. Your articles are timely, easy to use, and a great asset to our website. And it was so easy… we don’t have to do the work.

Sharon Budnick, Carswell, Thomson Reuters, Toronto, Ontario
Sharon Budnick, Senior Copywriter, Carswell, Thomson Reuters | Toronto, Ontario

Vic is a talented copywriter and marketer who really understands our customers and products. He asks great questions, does meticulous research, offers creative approaches – and always delivers great copy that is on target, on time and on budget.

Sean Gardhouse, Gardhouse Financial, Meaford
Sean Gardhouse, Income Tax and Financial Advisor, Gardhouse Financial | Meaford

Our business needed a website and Vic did more than just build a generic site. He got to know our business and our staff and created content customized for us. He has been an excellent resource for marketing and website maintenance ever since.

Stephen Tomlin, Marketing Committee, Human Resources Development Corporation, Government of Canada | Owen Sound, Ontario

We’ve often been asked if our ‘Employer Solutions’ logo and materials were produced by a national company. People are surprised that a local company created our entire campaign.

Claudette Leslie, Canada Law Book, Toronto, Ontario
Claudette Leslie, Advertising Manager, Canada Law Book | Toronto, Ontario

You’re the copywriter I’ve turned to, more than any other, for more than five years… You take initiative to get complete information, offer useful recommendations pertaining to design and complete projects on time. You’re a talented, seasoned copywriter, and I would not hesitate to recommend you for your creativity, reliability, accuracy, professionalism and personality.