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Articles vs advertising

To promote his home center, Steve Lundon went beyond traditional advertising. Instead, the owner of Northern Do-it Center in Fort Frances, Ontario published weekly how-to and DIY articles in the Fort Frances Times newspaper. “The tips are a great marketing tool,” said Steve. “Customers tell me they love



How to teach your customers to buy

Customers who frequent Peninsula TIM-BR Mart in Miller Lake, Ontario often come away with more than tools, nails and lumber. They come away with the knowledge to do something with their purchases — plus ideas and tips that will keep them coming back. Clinics on framing and drywalling



Sample advertorials to spark your marketing

Advertorials placed in publications targeting your customers can be extremely powerful marketing tools. We provided weekly articles on home maintenance and DIY advice to hardware stores and lumber dealers to publish in their local newspapers. These instant “columnists” were able to position themselves as experts, offer customers ideas



Six ways to market your business with articles, advertorials and press releases

Would you be more likely to trust an ad from a company or an article about the same company in a magazine? Would you prefer to read an ad full of puffed up claims, or would you prefer to hear an informative, helpful explanation of items you’re interested

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