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Dahlquist Speakers ad campaign creatively demonstrates USP

This ad campaign was quickly put together to capitalize on a glowing review in an audiophile magazine. Working to a layout which allowed little room for copy, we had to emphasize the benefits of “audiophile home theater speakers” in 50 (or 40, to be more accurate) words or



Six ways to turn your customers into marketing consultants

Your best marketing consultants are closer than you think, and they probably won’t charge you a penny. Your clients and customers can give you insight, advice and actual one-on-one marketing you couldn’t get anywhere else – at any price. Here are just a few ways to make your



Re-brand and re-position your company to succeed – a lesson from Lisa Simpson

In response to derisive comments from brother Bart regarding her new babysitting business, Lisa retorts, “I’m not just a babysitter. I’m in the business of supplying peace of mind for one dollar an hour.” What a positioning statement! Lisa has the ability to translate a feature into a



Four steps to a winning product position

Forget the daily scramble for a minute, and think about what made you passionate about your business in the first place. Take a fresh look at your product or service and list the things that make it better than competing products or services. These are your features, the


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