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Marketing Tips

Re-brand and re-position your company to succeed – a lesson from Lisa Simpson

In response to derisive comments from brother Bart regarding her new babysitting business, Lisa retorts, “I’m not just a babysitter. I’m in the business of supplying peace of mind for one dollar an hour.” What a positioning statement! Lisa has the ability to translate a feature into a



Ten newsletter tips to get results

Print, online, or ezine – newsletters are a powerful marketing tool. Maybe you’ve considered the possibility of creating a regular newsletter to send out to your customers, but you’re daunted by the commitment. You could hire a professional to do the job for you, or if you’re a



How to teach your customers to buy

Customers who frequent Peninsula TIM-BR Mart in Miller Lake, Ontario often come away with more than tools, nails and lumber. They come away with the knowledge to do something with their purchases — plus ideas and tips that will keep them coming back. Clinics on framing and drywalling



Event networking tips to make every occasion a marketing success

It’s cheap, it’s easy and it can be a lot of fun. It can also bring you new business opportunities without the expense and hassle of traditional advertising. Event networking is probably the least expensive, most effective mode of public relations you can develop as a marketing strategy.



A strategy for better marketing, stronger marketing

To strengthen your marketing, you need to take a hard look at what you’ve done in the past, build on what worked, improve what didn’t and come up with some brand new approaches. Itemize your past marketing efforts, then: 1. Rationalize on past marketing success and failures You’ll


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