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Dahlquist Speakers ad campaign creatively demonstrates USP

This ad campaign was quickly put together to capitalize on a glowing review in an audiophile magazine. Working to a layout which allowed little room for copy, we had to emphasize the benefits of “audiophile home theater speakers” in 50 (or 40, to be more accurate) words or



Marketing materials for Northridge Homes at Cobble Beach include brochure, ads

Northridge Homes positioned itself as the official custom builder at Cobble Beach, offering lots on prime locations at this prestigious golf course north of Owen Sound, Ontario. For this completely new development project, we first designed a logo to brand the development in conjunction with Cobble Beach. As



Use solid, helpful information to improve sales letters, brochures and advertising – both print and online

As the Internet’s influence on marketing grows, you might overlook more traditional marketing tools, such as brochures, sales letters, and other direct mail marketing materials. Despite, or maybe because of, the pervasiveness of web marketing, they can still pack a solid marketing punch. When you’ve been online all

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