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Four press release tips to get your business story promoted

A press release that’s truly newsworthy or tells a story worth reading is still a powerful method of getting your business story in online publications, print publications and broadcast media. Use these three tips to get your story to the top. 1. Make it easy on the editor



Stop the Press Release! Check for these qualities before sending out publicity

Every day an editor receives stacks of press releases. Only a few will make it into his publication. These few will: 1. Have something to say. That is, they’ll have some news which will be of interest to the publication’s readers. 2. Say it in a natural editorial



Six ways to market your business with articles, advertorials and press releases

Would you be more likely to trust an ad from a company or an article about the same company in a magazine? Would you prefer to read an ad full of puffed up claims, or would you prefer to hear an informative, helpful explanation of items you’re interested

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