A press release that’s truly newsworthy or tells a story worth reading is still a powerful method of getting your business story in online publications, print publications and broadcast media.

Use these three tips to get your story to the top.

1. Make it easy on the editor by providing the release in a format they can easily use and tweak. While a PDF is a universally easy-to-read format, it’s not the easiest to adapt, even with Acrobat. Cutting and pasting’s a pain. Provide an MS-Word copy as well, with minimal formatting.

2. If you’re looking to get your story broadcast on the radio, present it in broadcast format; short, clear sentences make it easy for a DJ to read, and easy for your customers to grasp when they hear it. Provide audio interview clips, too.

3. For Internet or television broadcast, keep the same format in mind for voice-over scripts, and provide video of course.

4. For print, don’t forget to send photos. Given a choice between two equally interesting stories and enough space, the editor will go with the photo-illustrated version.