Whether you mail it to their post-box or their Outlook inbox, producing a newsletter to promote your business will grow your profits. Here’s why newsletters work.

  • A newsletter helps forge relationships with your customers. You’re giving them something of value and telling them something about yourself.
  • A newsletter can establish you as an expert in your field.
  • It provides you with a vehicle for updating customers about products, staff, special offers, and changes or developments in your business.
  • Its news-like format conveys a credibility you just don’t get in a promotional brochure or sales flyer.
  • Your newsletter makes it easy to keep in regular contact with customers. It gives you a tool to generate new prospects. It’s also a powerful public relations tool.
  • It can provide valuable feedback from your customers.
  • A newsletter keeps you involved with your staff and improves employee communication.
  • Finally, a newsletter helps you to focus on the many aspects of running your business: it requires you to analyze your current position, become innovative, plan ahead, and stay on top of the needs of your clientele.