I vetted several marketing agencies when I moved my business from the GTA to Collingwood, and most of them were really just interested in telling me what they had to offer – assuming that they knew what my business was. Vic and his company were the only ones that spent the first 2 or 3 hours just asking questions to try to truly understand my business.

The next step Vic took was to provide feedback to me on what he had learned, in order to make sure he understood. Vic was able to take the understanding he gained from the questioning and feedback to help me define my unique value proposition and my market niche. This led to the a sound marketing strategy and the creation of a website that was truly reflective of my business. The web site Vic created acts as a trust and credibility builder, as well as a way to generate client leads.

As we continued to develop the offering and the site, Vic was always available in a timely manner to help with the development of special offers and white papers that led to more web site visits.

Another important part of what MyFavouriteMarketer provided was training to me so that I could more or less maintain and change the web site on my own, as I added blogs, and as my business shifted in response to consumer tastes and preferences.

Mostly now, I maintain the web site on my own but continue the relationship with Vic through the web hosting he is providing. I have no issue picking up the phone to speak with Vic about any issue that I may need advice on, or any technical matter that may need attending to. Vic has a friendly, helpful manner, is low-key and does not put pressure on to make a quick decision. His pricing is reasonable, he is always available in a timely manner, and he truly has the best interests of his clients at heart.