We sell very rare and fine quality antiques and we needed to tell the world about it. An effective website is essential in this regard, but having an effective and attractive website had proved to be a great challenge for us. We had purchased and tried different software packages. We hired two different firms, and we attempted to use templates by subscription. Much money was spent as well as time and frustration.

What we needed was someone who could teach us the essentials of a website package so that we could then add to that site as we needed. Furthermore we needed someone who could work out the bugs as they inevitably would arise.

Through Christopher Thomas at the Meaford Film Festival we learned about Vic. Vic custom designed our site. He shepherded us through the learning stage with great patience, and then was there for us as we would try new things.

As a result we now have a website that we look forward to working on and people tell us what an attractive site it is.

Every business needs a website today but woefully few are capable of teaching their clients how to set one up. We have a person right here in The Blue Mountains who is capable of guiding us through the process with humour and kindness and does so at an affordable fee: something else that is necessary for small business.