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Why your business needs a newsletter

Whether you mail it to their post-box or their Outlook inbox, producing a newsletter to promote your business will grow your profits. Here’s why newsletters work. A newsletter helps forge relationships with your customers. You’re giving them something of value and telling them something about yourself. A newsletter



Three tools to build relationships with clients, customers and prospects

If you’re at all in tune with the “information marketing” philosophy we promote here, you’re already building relationships with your customers and potential customers. You provide them with helpful information; demonstrate your knowledge of their needs; and deliver straight answers to questions rather than pumped-up claims. These are


Add articles and other website content to make customers and Google happy

Whether you’re building a new website or you already have one, you need to pay particular attention to your website content. What is website content? 1. Information of value to your customers or potential customers 2. Information of value to Google and other search engines (Search engine optimization,

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