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Proven website design tips for your business

Starting fresh? Then this is the perfect time to do it right. But first we’ve got some work for you. Don’t worry, when you decide to move ahead on your website design, the first thing we’ll do is schedule time to get to know you and your business


Add articles and other website content to make customers and Google happy

Whether you’re building a new website or you already have one, you need to pay particular attention to your website content. What is website content? 1. Information of value to your customers or potential customers 2. Information of value to Google and other search engines (Search engine optimization,


Four steps to target, prospect, and sell more – from lead generation to direct response

When you decide to produce any marketing tool, including your website, ask yourself these questions: What result(s) do you want to achieve? How do you want your visitors, readers and viewers to respond? What action do you want them to take? Your ultimate goal might be: Buy something!

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