Meaford Scarecrow InvasionIf you’ve been through Meaford, Ontario in the last week or two, you’ll know that Meaford’s Scarecrow Invasion 2014 is on. This year the theme of the popular event is “Scarecrows Go To The Movies”, and the star-struck straw-men and women are gala-vanting all over the place, decked out in tuxes and gowns and renacting scenes from your favorite films.

MyFavoriteMarketer is pleased to be an honourary scarecrow by virtue of donating website design and hosting for The Meaford Scarecrow Invasion’s first website. While the Meaford Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival had run successfully since 1998, the event didn’t have a website. Information could be found on various blogs and social media, but there was no central source of information.

We built a fun responsive website for the Invasion in WordPress, including a newsletter sign-up form, custom “featured sponsor” and “featured volunteer” sections, and a custom event database. Now, organizers can easily add blog posts, upload photos, and update events, keeping their website current and active. In peak season, the site attracts up to 200 visitors a day, and new folks regularly sign up for the newsletter to learn more.

Thanks to the Scarecrow Invasion for an honourary kazoo and a chance to play with the band!