Paul Bishop faced the Meaford Dragons once before. A couple of years back, he pitched his bike business idea, but was turned down. Tough and committed, he survived to return another day. (Well, to tell the truth, the Dragons didn’t exactly blast his idea – they offered encouragement to bring focus to it.)

Last night, he once again took to the stage. This time, he had four solid months experience running Ride on Bikes – a bike shop, bike rental and repair service in downtown Meaford – and he had a very specific focus for his pitch. He wanted to increase his ability to provide guided cycling tours for people visiting town.

Paul Bishop of Meaford's Ride on Bikes faces the Dragons' Den
Paul Bishop of Meaford’s Ride on Bikes faces the Dragons’ Den

This past summer and fall, Ride on Bikes did offer tours – both to people renting bikes from Bishop, and to those with their own bikes. Now, with his grand slam as the top prize winner and the Audience Choice winner, he’ll be able to seriously pursue his expanded tours.

Paul Bishop congratulated on his triumphAs part of his Audience Choice winnings, he’ll be able to take advantage of $1,000 worth of marketing services from myFavoriteMarketer. He can choose from an array of services, including website development, website content, copywriting, design, print materials, online lead generation and more.

Congratulations, Paul!

Here’s a profile of Paul and Ride on Bikes that myFavoriteMarketer prepared for Meaford Haven.