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Marketing news, tips, articles, ideas to help you target your prospects, generate leads, increase sales and grow your business.

Client profiles and focused website landing pages boost response and search engine rankings for CSBF

The Centre for Small Business Financing offers valuable assistance to business people looking to launch or grow their businesses using government grants and financing. In the past, client lead generation efforts consisted primarily of advertising and direct mail. Today, the organization relies exclusively on inbound Internet leads; it



The Miserly Marketer – How to promote your business on the cheap

1. Get a big return for small ads. The price of print advertising may have scared you off, but big half-page or full-page ads don’t always pull more. Try running small ads regularly. Or look to the classifieds to find a group of ready-to-buy prospects actually searching out



How to formulate a marketing strategy

Does this sound familiar? When you’re busy there’s no time, and seemingly, no need, for marketing. When things are slow, it’s crisis management time; you’ve got to get something done and get it done quickly, and damn the planning. If it does, it’s time to devote some serious



How to find out what your prospects really want

When it comes to targeting the buyers for an industrial or business product, you might have a tough time. First off, you don’t have the same sort of demographic research that packaged goods marketers have available. And many small companies are run by driven entrepreneurs, who have used


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