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Stop the Press Release! Check for these qualities before sending out publicity

Every day an editor receives stacks of press releases. Only a few will make it into his publication. These few will: 1. Have something to say. That is, they’ll have some news which will be of interest to the publication’s readers. 2. Say it in a natural editorial



Sample advertorials to spark your marketing

Advertorials placed in publications targeting your customers can be extremely powerful marketing tools. We provided weekly articles on home maintenance and DIY advice to hardware stores and lumber dealers to publish in their local newspapers. These instant “columnists” were able to position themselves as experts, offer customers ideas



Four steps to a winning product position

Forget the daily scramble for a minute, and think about what made you passionate about your business in the first place. Take a fresh look at your product or service and list the things that make it better than competing products or services. These are your features, the



Promote your business on a budget – more from the Miserly Marketer

Marketing doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here are five more cheap ways to attract business. 1. Do unique things with discounts. Don’t just give away your profits by mass distributing coupons. Create a sense of value by letting customers win or earn coupons, as they would in



Regular, reputable blog achieves top ranking and inbound leads for Meaford Haven retirement community

Meaford Haven was conceived as a Three Seasons Community®, where people could enjoy all of their retirement years, from the active early years on, in one neighbourhood. Incorporating bungalows, mid-rise condominiums, apartments and a retirement residence, Meaford Haven offers retirees the chance to choose their preferred lifestyle now


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