Todd Robinson Construction offers custom home building, renovations, additions and other building services in the Collingwood, Thornbury, Meaford and Owen Sound areas. After many years of successfully relying on word-of-mouth marketing and referrals to generate business, Todd decided it was time to establish a presence on the Internet. Unfortunately, his first attempt was a disaster. After contracting the job and waiting months, he was unhappy with the result – and then the designer essentially skipped town.

Then Todd called myFavoriteMarketer. We did a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of the existing website, interviewed Todd carefully about what he wanted to accomplish with his website, and proposed a detailed rebuild.

While some elements of the earlier website were adequate, it suffered from a lack of consistency in layout; generic adjective-heavy and “we”-heavy copy; and lists of features with few benefits. From a search engine standpoint, the site had not enough content in general – and little of it was optimized for the search terms that Todd’s customers would be using. In addition, it was packed with unnecessary coding resulting from the designer using an online “drag-and-drop” service.

Website repairs needed
Before: A real fixer-upper

We proposed fixing all of these flaws, as well as:

  • Using testimonials more effectively
  • Adding a “Meet Todd” section to add some personality and friendliness to the site. (Our reasoning: clients preparing to spend many thousands of dollars will have some natural anxiety, and making the company approachable would go a long way to alleviate that.)
  • Demonstrating what makes the company unique, based on interviews with Todd.
  • Adding an explanation of the process to help dispel client anxiety.
  • Creating additional landing pages for each service, including smaller jobs to help both clients and the search engines.
  • Adding contact information on every page.
Renovated website
After: Home, Sweet Home

We built the site in WordPress, adding custom scripting from myFavoriteMarketer to showcase testimonials and to create an attractive gallery Todd could easily update on his own.

We also developed a new logo for the company.

TRC logo design

The website is steadily gaining ground on identified search terms, and as Todd updates inbound links currently pointing to the older site (which the ex-designer hasn’t yet relinquished control of), and begins to publish blog posts, it should accelerate higher rankings.