Dragons Den MeafordMeaford, Ontario, has its very own Dragons’ Den. Three years ago, the Meaford Chamber of Commerce introduced our small-town Ontario version of the popular CBC (and BBC) reality business TV show, and the fourth annual edition of the Meaford Dragons’ Den kicks off next Wednesday, October 24, at Meaford Hall.

With the endorsement of CBC – including a (virtual, video) appearance by The National’s Peter Mansbridge two years ago – and great local business concepts, Dragons’ Den Meaford has been a hit and a sell-out each year. Past winners include Meredith’s Ginger Syrup, Bighead Hops, and Fresh Gear Meaford, as well as last year’s Audience Choice winner, Quench Buggy.

Meaford Dragons’ Den 2012 contestants primed and ready

This year, the Meaford Chamber of Commerce has taken it up a notch. With a focus on new startups or existing businesses eager to grow or branch out, Dragons’ Den Meaford 2012 will feature contestants already operating their own businesses. The Meaford Dragons’ Den contestants for 2012 have also participated in workshops to help them present themselves in the best possible light while facing the Meaford Dragons.

This years contestants, drum roll please, are:

And this year, myFavoriteMarketer is glad to be part of Dragons’ Den Meaford. We’re offering a $1,000 prize to the winner of the Audience Choice award for marketing, website design, and website optimization services.

Only a few seats left for Dragons’ Den Meaford (in the balcony) at Meaford Hall, but they’re often the best seats in the house! 519.538.0463