This ad campaign was quickly put together to capitalize on a glowing review in an audiophile magazine. Working to a layout which allowed little room for copy, we had to emphasize the benefits of “audiophile home theater speakers” in 50 (or 40, to be more accurate) words or less.

Back in the early 90s, these Dahlquist speakers were designed to deliver the depth and detail an audiophile would expect from his (most likely “his”) favorite records (yes, records) and CDs (yes, CDs). At the same time, they were capable of handling the extreme dynamics you get on a movie soundtrack.

Beginning with the tagline, “At last, home theater for audiophiles,” which was initially offered to us as a headline, we sought ways to better demonstrate that the speakers could do both.

Dahlquist Schumann

Dahlquist Schwarzenegger

Dahlquist Audiophile

Dalhquist Charlie Parker