Case studies & white papers

RainKing Software | Tech industry decision-maker database and CRM system

case studies and white papers

Contacted clients, interviewed, drafted, and secured approval for dozens of case studies and testimonials for website. Clients included sales executives and C-level executives. RainKing acquired by

Researched and wrote all case studies linked from this archived page.

Prepared “mini white papers” (if that’s not too much of a contradiction in terms) on hot-button issues for prospects. | Pioneer in online database/CRM space focusing on investor relations

articles | blogs, case studies, and direct response copy

I was the lead marketing copywriter for the start-up and early growth stage of this successful, pioneering online database and CRM. Bigdough was acquired by Thomson Reuters.

Projects included direct marketing packages. Generated investor relations leads for inside sales followup. Also contacted clients, interviewed, drafted, and secured approval for dozens of case studies and testimonials for website. Clients included investor relations executives and salespeople.

I wrote copy and managed design for these advertorial tearsheets (incorporating real case studies) used in direct marketing packages.

Consumer Centre Inc. | Business Financing Publications

articles | blogs and case studies

Researched and wrote more than 300 success stories for Canadian and Australian websites, profiling a different small business owner every week. Interviewed subjects, wrote profiles, sourced images, and uploaded articles.

Prepared all articles linked on this archive and subsequent pages.

Recent blogs (general interest)

Blundstone Canada | footwear manufacturer/wholesaler

articles | blogs and website content

I wrote a number of blog post/articles based on interviews with “brand ambassadors”, including musicians and inspiring personalities. Here are a couple of examples.

Meaford Haven | Real Estate Development

articles | blogs

For three years, I solely maintained a regular, extensive blog for this “retirement/aging-in-place” residential development &mdash writing and publishing articles of varying length up to three times a week. I developed article ideas; researched them online and conducted interviews as required; wrote them; created or found graphics; and posted them.

Article topics covered a wide range. Profiles of local business and events generated traffic and interest from people checking out the area, and relevant real estate topics helped beef up our SEO for those interested in local real estate. With more than 300 articles, the site continues to turn up near the top of Google for many Meaford-related searches.

Had a lot of fun with this story about The Ghost of the Meaford Museum. (I also created the “book cover” image.)